Here is another school year in Ridna Shkola of the city of Los Angeles!

The last bell reunited our entire school family: students, teachers, parents, and friends of Ridna Shkola met in a beautiful Griffith Park to support this wonderful tradition, a warm family holiday, and enjoy the end of the school year celebration. 

Of course, due to quarantine restrictions, the 2020-2021 school year was not easy, but our common commitment, understanding of the importance of school functioning under any circumstances, high professionalism of our teachers, due diligence of our students, parental support and great support of the principal Ms. Elizabeth Zakharkov-Yemets led to excellent completion of the school year.

Students of Ridna Shkola received certificates of grade completion, letters of commendation in the subjects studied, and greeted teachers with flowers and gifts.

After the festive ceremony, a general school meeting was held, at which the following was elected: the Board of Ridna Shkola (the administration of the Board has not changed) and the principal – Ms. Victoria Kuzina. After that, the whole team discussed future school development plans with the school board and new principal.

And at the end of the holiday – everyone enjoyed a delicious and fun school picnic.

Ridna Shkola of Los Angeles wishes everyone wonderful summer vacations, unforgettable experiences, and invites children to join the new school year! 

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