I send my child to Ridna Shkola because Ridna Shkola offers my child the opportunity to expand both her language skills and social network. Speaking, reading and writing at home is one thing but I think that to really learn a language you need to hear different people speak it. In that respect, Ridna Shkola is a great place. Most of the teaching staff are native Ukrainians who offer their students a version of Ukrainian that is up to date. The class sizes offer an excellent student:teacher ratio. As a result, the students receive a lot of one on one time with their teachers. Besides language development, my child has been given the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships based on a common culture. I expect that, as was my experience, these friendships will be very rewarding and weave through other activities such as scouts, Ukrainian dance and ultimately, adult Ukrainian organizations. This combination of language and social development is hard to find. I believe it offers my child a distinct advantage over children whose only exposure is to the English language and American culture.