This was the most challenging year for Ukraine and Ridna Shkola. 

However, despite this we continued the following activities:

  1. Patriotic upbringing of kids
  2. Educational programs for kids:
    1. Ukrainian language
    2. Ukrainian history
    3. Ukrainian culture and music
  3. Saint Mykolai and Family Day concerts-fundraisers.
  4. Participated in concerts and other events of the LA Ukrainian community.
  5. Served as a communication hub for Ukrainian kids and parents in the greater Los Angles area.
  6. Ridna Shkola supported Ukrainian refugee families every Saturday since March 2022 and provided them with FREE classes, emotional, physical, and transportation support. We helped them to send their kids to American schools, find medical treatment, provided translation and other services.
  7. Ridna Shkola donated $1,000 to the Meest Company to cover transportation expenses to deliver humanitarian support to Ukraine.
  8. Students drew paintings that were sent to the soldiers of “Aydar” and 25th air force brigade.  

We thank Olena Protsenko and “Puppet Theater on Wheels” for the wonderful show Three Little Pigs, and to all vendors who supported Ridna Shkola!