Lots of interesting events and meetings are happening every day in our lives. Sometimes we wonder which event to choose, which to prefer, which is relevant to our life right now. And then we begin to listen to our heart. What does it tell us where will call?

In late August, the friendly family of Ukrainian Saturday School of Los Angeles, at the call of the heart hurried for a meeting with the honored artist of Ukraine with worldwide reputation, bandura player Taras Yanitskiy. Bandura – is the voice of the Ukrainian people, the bearer of its history and cultural heritage. In the hands of Taras, a talented musician and representative of a dynasty of bandurist Yanitskiy, strings of the bandura touched the hearts of every audience, and music in his performance impressed by his sincerity and melody.

In addition to great music, the audience, especially children, have the opportunity to ask Taras questions about the history of bandura, its origins and its modern life and the prospects. With special attention all listened to the story of Taras about his concerts in the area ATO, how like a centuries ago, bandura helps maintains morale of our Cossacks in eastern Ukraine.
Ridna Shkola and the Ukrainian community of Los Angeles sincerely thanks Taras for a wonderful concert, because it is through live communication with native folk traditions we educate our children to love Ukraine, their spiritual and cultural identity. Also thank Father Igor and Ukrainian Greek Catholic church for their hospitality and providing room for the concert!

At the end of the concert we all had a chance to get an autograph from T. Yanitskiy and take photographs to a good memory, which gladly want to share with you all!

Till next time!
Viktoria Kuzina,
October 2016